TLP014 The Three Dimensions of Being an Asshole

Because Molly is away for a few weeks, we will have guests instead. This episode we start with Cedric Till who explains all ten dimensions in 20 seconds and much more!

avatar Liliana Velasquez
avatar Cedric Till
avatar John-Paul Bader

One thought on “TLP014 The Three Dimensions of Being an Asshole”

  1. I have to make a minor correction for my description of the ten dimensions. I skipped over one dimension. The explanation should’ve been:

    0D: point / 1D: line / 2D: plane / 3D: space / 4D: time / 5D: two different timelines / 6D: the pathway between two timelines / 7D: the universe with all its timelines / 8D: two or more universes with all their timelines / 9D: the pathway between multiple universes and their timelines / 10D: infinity

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